Parking Sensors

How do Parking Sensors work?
The Parking Sensor system is automatically activated when you engage reverse gear. Sensors are fixed to the rear of the vehicle, which send and receive ultrasonic radio waves that bounce off obstacles and alert you to their presence.
There is an internal buzzer that gradually increases in frequency as you approach the object. A continuous tone denotes that you are approximately 0.35m (1ft) of the obstacle.

Parking Sensor kits contains everything you need for a successful reverse parking

> Central Control Processor

> Sensors

> Internal Buzzer, Digital Display with Speaker or Back Up Mirror Lens

> Some models come with night vision cameras and L.C.D. monitors that plug into your back up mirror

May select from the various models below.

Please note: Models are subject to change without notice due to the ever changing technological advances.

Our dream cars do not come cheap. We spend our hard-earned money when buying a car – and often, we do not flinch from investing handsomely in gifting ourselves the best of the lot. Such a prized and precious gift certainly needs to be fitted with modern technical aids that not only enhance our on-the-road experiences but also helps maintain the vehicle for a longer duration of time.

Car accessories have dual purpose – one; they enhance the aesthetic look of the car along with providing an enjoyable ambience to the owner of the car; second, they assist in safe driving and parking. Parking sensors definitely belong to the latter lot. These parking sensor systems are made with the latest technology and they are just not some expensive items to increase the value of your car; they seriously offer you with help when you are reversing your car, while parking, driving or moving out of a parking area.

L.A. Car Accessories is the home to multiple car accessories and accompaniments like the parking sensors that does not come pre-installed with most car models. We are proud of the fact that all the items that are part of our assortment and displays are from the world’s leading brands and manufacturers. Besides, we also have the technical expertise in-house to provide a free and seamless installation of all the car accessories that you wish to equip your car with.

You are welcome to look through online the various parking sensor systems that we have in stock. We, however, do not sell via the online medium basically because we feel that our customers should be able to touch, feel and see the items personally before they buy. We invite you to our shops at Makati City and Paranaque City for assessing the car accessories direct and upfront and then investing in the same. It also helps because we offer free expert installation of all accessories sold at our stores.


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