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L.A. Car Accessories Store provides one of the largest selection of car accessories around the nation. With the widest range of products from the best brands around the globe, we offer the most competitive prices.


Driving around Manila can be quite hectic due to the overwhelming number of on-going construction, new cars and road blocks.

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Be it a sound off competition or just enjoying a cool jazz track, L.A. Car Accessories has always something to offer.
Here are the variety of sound system equipment we carry.
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The list of car accessories by L.A. CAR Accessories Store includes car sound systems. We deal in one of the best car sound systems around the globe, to meet the user satisfaction. Along with dedicated sound systems we also offer other music components such as:


The amplifier is a device that will boost overall power and provide better quality high volume sound to your music system. We offer amplifiers in a wide selection of sizes and prices depending on the power you wish to have for your car sound system.


Coaxial speakers are normally described as 2-way, 3-way, 4-way, etc. speakers. Simplistically speaking, a two-way is one woofer with one tweeter attached to it. A 3-way adds another tweeter, and so on and so forth. Tweeters permit your system to repeat the generally inconceivable sound, giving you a much clearer and characterized sound quality. An extra tweeter adds more detail to the sound as it focuses on a specific reach.

Component Speakers

A component system commonly incorporates midrange woofers, separate tweeters, and crossover filter networks. The main peculiarity between coaxial speakers and component speakers is of tweeters. It would work the same correct way as the coaxially mounted tweeters, with the exception of the crossover filter networks.

Your car is not simply a vehicle – it is your silent companion, your mood enhancer and of course the four-wheeler machine that drives you through everyday, on the road. With the right and the smartest car sound system within the confines of your sleazy machine, what more could ask for?

Give your car the right make-over – equip it with the latest and the trendiest car sound system to help it transcend from a mere and basic car to one that becomes a craze amongst your circle. Today, you have the largest range of choice – from the simplest to the most complex and sophisticated car sound system. At L.A. Car Accessories you come across one audio choice to another – all seeming better than the other. We are home to some of the finest collection of multifaceted in-car entertainment options, but you need to visit our car accessory shops to know more about the choices that you have.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to wire up your vehicle on the road with superior quality infotainment car sound systems. Our online presence is for the sake of information and updating you about the line of car accessories. Walk in, to see for yourself how you can leverage the look and feel of your car and make the best buy.


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