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Enjoy an entirely new level of driving experience with our in-depth selection of superior Car Tints, Car Gadgets, In-Car Entertainment and other automotive parts and accessories designed to keep your car running at its absolute best.

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The privilege of premium choices and services, the advantage of technology, the state-of-the-art facilities and the groovy ambience—it’s all real at the highly advanced car service shops in Makati, Paranaque, Cebu and also Davao City.

A car is a dream-come-true for most of us – our beloved machine on the road, the extension of our persona and nothing less than a family member! At L.A. Car Accessories, we consistently try to bring to you,car accessories that make your dream machine smarter, livelier and of course comforting. A chic and ultra-modern setup in the physical world at four exclusive locations in the Philippines, L.A. Accessories is your one-stop-shop for meeting all types of accessories requirements for your car. Our ultra-premium and well-appointed shops at Makati, Paranaque, Cebu and Davao City are filled with the choicest of accessories, available in all price ranges.

This is our exclusive product line:

Car Tinting

Sun’s Ultraviolet rays are harmful not only for the human skin but also for your car interiors. The use of the right tints on the windows of the car helps keep the interiors sparkling - just like new for years to come. Not to forget, during the sultry summers, these tints help keep the temperatures down inside the car.

Car Matting

Our creatively designed mats are practical and help keep your vehicle floor clean off wear and tear. While preventing dust to settle on the floor of the vehicle, our mats will leave the finishing of your car look extremely prim and proper.

Car Stereos

Music is such an integral part of our cars. Besides, they make your car look so much more well-equipped. At our exclusive accessory shops, you have such a wide choice of amplifiers, speakers, subwoofers, sound deadening and audio packages.

Back Up Cameras for Cars

Some of the smartest car gadgets include the dashboard camera, tire pressure monitors and back-up cameras,. Helping you with parking and driving aspects, the back-up camera from L.A. Car Accessories are geared with the latest technical aids and make for a wise buy.

Dashboard Camera

An essential feature of your car to record the movement of the car throughout, this camera keeps your back covered at all times.

GPS For Cars

One of the most essential gadgets in your car is the GPS Tracking device that helps monitor your vehicle in the real-time. This proves to be an additional security feature in your car. Walk in today at one of our four accessory shops to discover how you can convert your car to become a pride for you and your family!


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