Fog Lights

Fog light for cars are the lights fitted with cars and they are manually switched off or on by driver in the case of poor perceivability created by overwhelming rain, fog or snow. It also increases the visibility of car behind or in fronts because a fog light in cars are much brighter or sharper than the regular flood light of cars and it is even more intense than brake light.

L.A. CAR Accessories Store provides one of the largest collection of Fog lights in Philippines. We provide free installation of a number of Fog lights by our professional installers. We also specialize in other car accessories/components such as:

  • Video / Multimedia / Stereo In – car entertainment
  • Xenon H.i.d. / Wiring
  • Headlight Cleaning and laser light alignment
  • Car Care Products
  • Car Security / Alarms / Horns
  • Ipod Interface for Cars

As the name aptly suggests, fog lights are meant to facilitate you to see better when visibilities are threateningly low. Such conditions can happen anytime, especially in winters due to fog. Alternately, if you live in an area that receives heavy and regular rainfall or dust storms, the fog lights become a necessity rather than simply being a luxurious attachment for the car.

At L.A. Accessories, the best thing is that you have an exhaustive range to choose from. Travel safe; equip your dream machine with the right kind of fog lights so that you are never worried about the weather conditions outside; so that your pre-planned programs are not made to wait and suffer because the conditions outside are not friendly for travel.

Browse through our elaborate list of fog lights online and then walk right into one of our car accessories show-room to have the right lights fitted onto the front and rear of your cars. Our expert installers know everything about the ins and outs of installing these lights. Our support and service staff help you choose the right fog lights for your vehicle – lights that would always keep the front and the back of the car lighted and covered.

With L.A. Car Accessories you get to choose the best and the highest quality of car accessories for your speed machine, assisting you with a flexible and enjoyable rides on the toughest terrains. We do not support online purchase at our site because we want you to come over to our accessory shops and make an informed choice.


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