Fog Lights

Fog light for cars are the lights fitted with cars and they are manually switched off or on by driver in the case of poor perceivability created by overwhelming rain, fog or snow. It also increases the visibility of car behind or in fronts because a fog light in cars are much brighter or sharper than the regular flood light of cars and it is even more intense than brake light.

L.A. CAR Accessories Store provides one of the largest collection of Fog lights in Philippines. We provide free installation of a number of Fog lights by our professional installers. We also specialize in other car accessories/components such as:

  • Video / Multimedia / Stereo In – car entertainment
  • Xenon H.i.d. / Wiring
  • Headlight Cleaning and laser light alignment
  • Car Care Products
  • Car Security / Alarms / Horns
  • Ipod Interface for Cars


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