Car Tinting & Car Security Film

Ensure safety and security with Nano-Tech Security Films by holding glass together in the event of a break-in or severe weather.

Automotive tinting from L.A. Car Accessories not only adds finesse to your car but also goes a long way in keeping the temperatures cool inside the car. Our tints help keep out almost 60% of the heat from the car. A healthy choice, for the car as well as for your own good, our superior quality car tinting solutions help filter out at least 99% of the ultraviolet rays of the sun. With your privacy intact, the right tint helps obscure valuable items kept in the car from the public glare. These tints act as the perfect car security film that deters unwanted people and thieves to hover around your parked car, at the mall, office or in your own driveway.

Still not impressed? L.A. Accessories has one of the most extensive ranges of car tinting options in the Philippines. At our four accessory shops, you will be able to choose the right tinting solutions for your vehicle. Our items are not for sale from our website – we do not believe in online ordering because we are of the opinion that certain things like a car accessory needs to be seen in person before buying. This is exactly why we talk about our products online at our website, but we promise to deliver only at our physical shops. Please feel free to walk in anytime to have a thorough view of some of the most creative and unique and yet practically useful car accessories.

With the right car security film, your car interiors are not only protected; they also make your car out-of-reach of probable thefts and breakage. Our tints cannot be easily broken by any tool or gadget so much so that the robustness of the films does not allow the window panes to shatter even on a large impact like that of an accident.

Gift your car protection of a different kind by installing tints from L.A. Accessories.


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