Car Tinting

Here’s something you simply don’t see anywhere else, an open pricing guide. We value your time, and we know you don’t want to waste it calling multiple “tint shops”, getting all kinds of misinformation and being frustrated by the process.
There are factors you need to consider, and that’s why we try to offer the most informative website in the industry. There will always be someone Php 200.00 more or Php 200.00 less (depending on what time and date you call them), but at the end of the day, we offer the best products and by far the best warranty anywhere. No games or gimmicks. And you’ll love how your car looks and performs, which is what really matters.

Prices indicated below are for compact and subcompact sedans, you may call our office if you own a Sport Utility Vehicle. All brands below come with a warranty card and care instructions for your protection.
Our indoor, air-conditioned Tint Room, dust and pollution controlled is always full for samples to be actually diagnosed for your convenience before making an informed purchase decision. Our tint installers work for us full time, unlike other stores that rely on freelancers and are applied on open-air conditions where dust and pollution particles come standard.

Our newly renovated store which includes an air-conditioned customer BLUE Lounge equipped with high-speed wi-fi and 120 channels of cable, ergonomic seating, and free drinks on the house will surely make your waiting time worth it.

If you are under the impression that car tinting is an expense that is unwanted and unrequired, we would request you to read on from here.

These elementary car accessories not only provide you with the much-desired privacy inside the car, the ceramic tint also protects your machine and passengers inside from the direct ultraviolet rays of the sun. Your car driving experience will always be pleasant with automotive tinting bought and installed from L.A. Car Accessory shops.

There are different types of car tinting available and here’s a quick look at the ones we are proud of.

  • Ceramic tints at L.A. Accessory shops are made from the finest quality of material providing ultra-superior and ultra-comfortable journey on the road.
  • Vkool Car Tint from the Eastman Chemical Company is a revolutionising concept in the car tint industry. Made from the most-advanced technology, it is synonymous with unmatched excellence and unparalleled comfort.
  • 3m Car Tint – The Crystalline 3M tint is renowned for its effective performance compared to any other cheap and local alternative.

Automotive tinting is a choice that you have in order to make your car a comfort zone along with making it look uber cool. Give yourself an incredibly refreshing ride in your car every time with some of the most creatively made and innovatively installed car tinting solutions from L.A. Accessories.

Look through our elaborate offerings at all stores. We specialise in meaningful accessories for your dear four-wheeled vehicle on the road. Any car accessory that you can think of is available at our brick-and-mortar stores. We do not sell online – our website is only a guide that provide you information on our product catalogue. We do not want to undercut on the one-to-one connect that our clients experience when they walk into our shops and examine the products on their own, direct and upfront!


We are eager to discuss you business needs, and answer any questions you may have. Kindly contact us here or full up the form

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