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Replacement & Specialty Horns - When your car horn is just not enough or you just want to add to what you have, L.A. Car Accessories Store Online has a full selection of air horns and offer free installation
The car horns are very useful given that they create a really big noise whenever they are used. They can work like a warning or an auto alarm system. Most of the time, car horns are used to alert people on the streets as well as any other cars that might be traveling. It can be a big help in aiding motorists to avoid mishaps.
L.A. CAR Accessories Store provides a large array of car horns online in the Philippines. We have encapsulated the top brands regarding car horns under one roof. With high quality, we provide a cost-effective solution for car horns in the Philippines.

With two stores nationwide, L.A. Car Accessories store strives in providing the best car accessories available. With the best products, we make sure that the cost of the products provided by us should be the most competitive one in the market.

Car horns come in-built with your car – your car manufacturer makes sure to install a branded piece in the interior cabin of your vehicle. True! But you could need more than this. Or, the horn that comes with your vehicle may have conked over or it is not performing to its maximum output! It is then that you need to visit our selected accessories shops at Makati and Paranaque to see our choicest assortment of car horns. Though, honking only causes noise pollution but not always! You need to use it at some point or the other when you need to notify another motorist or pedestrian of impending danger. Not to put to rough use, horns have a purpose in life and you need to put it to the right use.

Some of the most exclusive, realistic and practical car horns are featured in our car accessories shop for you to buy from. We deal in only the best – and nothing less than that – when it comes to accessories for your precious machine on the road.

Our visitors to our site are welcome to look through the different car accessories that we deal in. Once, your heart goes out to one or more of them, you are invited to visit our physical stores at the given addresses below to see the items up-and-close and then make a purchase. Walk-in anytime to view our exquisite and the finest collection of accessories and fittings that will be the perfect and the most befitting answer to all your queries related to accessories.


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