Car DVD Headrest

Luxury and opulence go hand-in-hand with your powerful machine on the road – your car! It needs pampering and it needs to be fitted with the incredible gadgets to convert it into a super-duper comfort zone. Get your car fitted with the best-of-the-best headrest monitor and deliver unique and exclusive personalised experience to your family and friends. In fact, any passenger who sits in your car will be wowed by the sheer look, feel and touch of the car DVD headrest.

The car DVD headrest is actually an electronic gadget that is fitted onto the headrest of the seat infront – just like in long-distance aircrafts! What you achieve by installing these headrest monitors to the interiors of your car cannot be narrated in worlds – it is an out-of-this-world experience, more so when your little ones have an awesome time on a road trip.

At L.A. Car Accessories we sell car DVD headrest that are made by some of the leading brands in the world. The objective is clear – we want to deliver nothing short of excellence to our customers. With our free installation facility, the headrest monitors fit firm and become an integral part of your car interiors in no time. From being just a car, you see it transform into a zone of magnificence. And it is trendy too! The next time your friends or colleagues ask for a drive, you can proudly show-off the smart and intelligent car DVD headrest systems to them!

L.A. Car Accessories is home to some of the best and most creative car accessories that you would have come across. We have two shops in the Philippines – one at Makati City and the other at Paranaque City. From browsing our exclusive product ranges online to visiting our shops in the real-time, you would need to complete the circle because we do not sell online. At our physical shops you will be assisted in making the best choices as per your liking and budget, and also your vehicle’s inner make.

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Shop for overhead DVD players or headrest monitor system and purchase the right one that fits your car, SUV or mini-van. At L.A. Car Accessories we carry a wide variety of in-car entertainment products to suit your car and taste.


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