7″ Headrest Pillow with Built-in LCD Monitor

Php 9,500.00
7" Headrest Pillow with Built-in LCD Monitor



Detailed Product Description

7″ headrest TFT LCD monitor with pillow

Brightness: 300 cd/m2

Contrast ratio: 350: 1

Mode: PAL / NTSC

Viewing angle: H 120 degree; V 120 degree

Input: AV

Screen control method: Handle/remote control

Response time: 16 ms

Consuming power: 6 W

Power: DC 12 V

Front-panel color: Walnut wood, black lacquer optional and any color you like

Adjustable angle: 35 degree from front to black freely

Adjustable tube path: 10-12-14mm

Adjustable distance: 135-185mm from front to back freely

Anticipate and color

Imitate the skin black, gray and buff color

Characteristics: Being applicable to the headrest puts to take care of the bore path an each car for, putting taking care of all being apart from 140-180 mm a chair; The headrest turns with real integral whole in display, the on-line is concealment to do not affect whole car beautiful with car compartment space; Need not change to move the original car a chair headrest, install the convenient need to replace the headrest can immediately use; Provide the driver rear row seat the passenger to appreciate to do not affect the driver a car safety only.


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