Nano-Tech Iceberg Series

Php 4,600.00
Nano-Tech Iceberg Automotive Window Films are standard window films offering an attractive, non-reflective, charcoal look in a variety of light transmissions at an exceptional value
Nano-Tech Iceberg Series

Nano-Ceramic films are state of the art products that perform at a level unprecedented in the window film industry. Unlike older film products, these films are not dark, shiny or reflective from the inside of your vehicle’s glass.

The spectrally selective coatings on Nano-Ceramic films filter out 65%–99.9% of the infrared heat normally transmitted through the windshield, while still allowing the maximum amount of visible light to be transmitted. These are especially useful in applications where for instance call center agents at night require privacy yet wish to keep the visibility on the road high.

Sleek charcoal film that blends with any car color keeping the beauty of your ride while still enjoying the benefits of an energy control window film.


  • ✅Non-Reflective – looks great and complements most vehicle colors and styles
  • ✅Reduces Heat and Glare – provides a more comfortable driving experience
  • ✅Durable Construction – dual-ply, color-infused
  • ✅Signal Safe – non-conductive, compatible with GPS and radio signal devices
  • ✅Blocks 99% or more of Harmful UV Rays – reduces interior fading and protects your skin & eyes
  • ✅CST™ Scratch Resistant Hardcoat – better durability, protection and clarity


Logo Iceberg Black 9%  Visible Light Transmission

50%  Heat Rejection

47% Solar Energy Rejection

99% UV Rejection

Logo Iceberg Medium

17%  Visible Light Transmission

45%  Heat Rejection

42% Solar Energy Rejection

99% UV Rejection

Logo Iceberg Neutral

30%  Visible Light Transmission

40%  Heat Rejection

38% Solar Energy Rejection

99% UV Rejection

Nano Tech Iceberg Series: Promo Price: Php 4,600.00 5 years warranty. For AUVs and SUVs: Promo Price: Php 5,500.00 5 years warranty


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