Cerwin Vega XL Series 300.2 Car Amplifier

Php 10,500.00
2 Channel Mobile Amplifier XL amplifiers use an unregulated MOSFET power supply for superior control of power. A toroid-coil transformer yields maximum power transfer with minimum losses.
Product Description
  • Full Frequency response with low distortion and exceptional signal to noise performance.
  • Advanced circuit design that features bridgeable and mixed mode operation for use with various systems, including those with satellite speakers and / or subwoofers.
  • Variable high-pass / low-pass flat electronic crossover with a 12dB per octave slope and full adjustable range (from 50Hz to 2.5kHz) to aid in audio system design.
  • Switched (0dB, +6dB, +12dB) bass boost circuit to reinforce low frequency signals that may be lost due to subwoofer box design.
  • Adjustable input level controls with ground loop isolation accepting a wide range of input signals.
  • High level signal input
  • Remote turn-on with “soft start” muting to prevent turn on or turn off “Thump”
  • Pulse-width modulated MOSFET power supply with low RFI and protection circuits for overheating and speaker shorts.
  • Gold plated input / output connectors and an external automotive type fuse
  • Aluminum heat sink for efficient heat dissipation
  • Low profile, compact size for space limited installations.