Why You Should Have a Car Dashboard Camera

Cameras have gone a long way from large, bulky box-like devices to smaller and compact video recorders you can take just about anywhere. There are specially designed cameras you can easily mount on your car’s dashboard, too. A car dashboard camera can be helpful to your driving experience. Dashboard cameras have become increasingly popular with drivers and car owners alike and their purpose is to record video and sounds as you drive. Also known as ‘dash cams’, their purpose is to carefully capture every detail that may occur inside the car and on the road. Some of them can be installed with additional technologies, too, like GPS and reliable recorders that can store hours of video footage. Here are some reasons why you should have one:

  • Hard evidence in case of an accident – A car dashboard camera can be a helpful witness in case you get into an accident, whether it was your fault or not. You want to be able to provide reliable evidence to the authorities in case the other party involved in the accident attempts to blame you or make stories up that could put you into a further predicament.
  • Get unlawful acts by authorities on camera – Sometimes, there are dishonest traffic enforcers and police officers who may pull you over for no apparent reason, only to find out that they will let you off if you give them some form of monetary compensation. Your dash cam should be helpful in recording the act, so you can escalate the case to their bosses.
  • Find out who has vandalized or damaged your car – You leave your car parked for a while and upon your return, it has been vandalized or scratched or damaged. A high-end car dashboard camera will not stop recording, even if your vehicle is parked. Hence, it should be able to capture and record the incident when it occurred.
  • Avoid fraudulent acts by pedestrians and other drivers – A dash cam will be helpful in the event that you get into an accident with a pedestrian or another driver, especially when someone purposely runs into your car and pretend to be hurt so they can scam you.
  • Study the road – A car dashboard camera is not only helpful in documenting accidents and protecting you from fraudulent acts. It can be helpful when you are traveling down unfamiliar roads. Your camera might be able to capture amazing scenery along the way or help you understand the path you took.


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