What Factors Characterize a Worthy Automotive Tinting?

With the continued rise in the incidence of road crimes and the worsening daytime heat experienced by vehicle owners in the Philippines, automotive tinting became one of the most popular services in the car industry. While countless car shops offer automotive tinting services in almost any every corner, not all of them truly offer quality films and installation.

How do you choose a high-quality automotive tinting product and service? Here are some questions to ask:

  • Do they use top-rated window films? The best suppliers can offer a wide range of top-of-class films in every price range. They can even help you choose the right product depending on your needs and goals. Their films come with complete information on heat rejection abilities, UV filtering properties, etc. They can recommend films that will give you privacy without compromising your driving visibility.
  • Where is the tint application performed? Is it done in the air-conditioned and highly controlled facility? Note that when installation is done of automotive tinting in a non-air-conditioned place, external factors like sunlight, heat, dust, and pollution negatively affect the tint’s final quality.
  • How long does the installation process last? The best installers don’t rush. They give their full attention to details. Windows are cleaned thoroughly before the application of film to prevent the unwanted appearance of bubbles.
  • Is there a service warranty? The best installers will not hesitate to provide this.
  • Last, but certainly not the least, how qualified are the tint installers? Were they properly trained? Do they give honest insights, laying out all the pros and cons on your initial choice of the film before actual application?

The outcome of your automotive tinting project will rely significantly on which service provider you choose. You can’t go wrong with a trusted car accessories shop and service centre that has already established an excellent reputation.


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