What Are the Best Car Accessories to Buy in The Philippines?

The right car accessories will improve your driving experience and safety. Some products, such as the headrest monitor, also have the potential to enhance your passenger’s experience during trips. But how do you know which accessories to prioritize? Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • DVD player – Boost the entertainment in your vehicle by investing in a high-quality car DVD player, like 2-DIN and in-dash systems. They should hide the slots for the discs, SD cards, and USBs behind the touchscreen widescreen monitor. The player should be able to play movies with 5.1-channel surround sound and play music with high-spec sound. Make sure it supports playback from the iPod or any Bluetooth device. An alternative to the traditional DVD player is the overhead or roof-mounted monitor with a built-in player, which is suitable for an SUV, mini-van, or a regular car.
  • DVD headrest monitors – Make sure there is a headrest monitor fitted into all headrests in your vehicle to provide a more personalized viewing experience to your passengers. It is one of the best car accessories you can purchase in the Philippines to elevate the look and feel of your vehicle interior.
  • Subwoofers – You have invested in a high-quality media player and a headrest monitor. It’s time you get a neat set of subwoofers to deliver better sound and a more enjoyable viewing or listening experience.
  • Tire pressure monitor – This is one of the essential car accessories that could potentially save you time and avoid blow-outs. Tire pressure monitoring systems are electronic and oversee the air pressure of pneumatic tires. They deliver information to the driver in real-time via a pictogram display, a low-pressure warning light, or a gauge.
  • Dashboard camera – For your safety and protection, the dashboard camera records events as they occur in real-time while you are driving. Think of it as your reliable witness in case of an incident. You can feed the footage into the headrest monitor, too.


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