TRUTH behind the FREE TINT from dealerships

This is to give you a heads up about free tints that are provided by Casa(s).

We often get attracted to freebies offered by dealerships while shopping around for a car, not to mention agents always succomb to innocent first time buyers by giving deals like free tints, free matting etc…Here’s what they don’t tell you…

When they offer free tints, they use brands such as U.S. Gila, Neuvision / Platinum films OR Lumina which go for roughly Php 900.00 for a sedan and Php 1,050 for a S.U.V. Well, thats atleast how much they pay for to their respective tint supplier/installer with volume sales in mind.

Some casas offer 3M tints for free, but these are not the 3M that we were once familiar with many years ago. These films are considered the lowest end The adhesive of this particular model tint is comparable that of U.S. Gila and sticks to the glass like gum. The film itself is dyed hence fading is unavoidable.

Having these kind of films mentioned above installed, do have the following consequences:

1. Quality and Performance- non scratch proof, dyed film, very low optical clarity, super low heat heat rejection, not recommended.

2. After few months, you will notice the film turns to purple from the interior which damages the defogger. Since its free, you will opt to consider replacing it elsewhere, but now since the film’s adhesive has already dried and stuck to the defogger, chances of removing it without damaging the defogger are 50/50.

Hence, be wary about the “free tint” deal, ask for something else in lieu of the freebies like oil change service discounts that you will appreciate in the latter part.


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