Tramigo Tracking Devices: The 5 Best Uses

Vehicle tracking devices have gained popularity because they offer great safety along with many other additional features. The GPS tracking devices are small but powerful gadgets that can track the exact location of a person or object.

Businesses where the owner has to keep tabs on a fleet of vehicles reap great benefits by using tracking devices. They can raise the bar for managing deliveries, averting potentially dangerous situations, and tracking any unusual behavior like speeding, detours, etc.

Tramigo has a range of tracking devices that combine GPS, GSM, and TLD into one device. Tramigo uses GPS satellites to position itself resulting in very accurate positioning. It then finds the closest TLD (Tramigo Landmark Data) site from its internal memory to that point and sends the information across to any authorized mobile phone as a text message using the GSM network.

Unregistered users and users with inadequate security will not receive any response from the Tramigo Tracking Device. This prevents unauthorized access to your location. You, as an owner, can set a password that can be used to re-register if your phone is lost. Tramigo Tracking Devices also include an external panic button for installations where security is a major area of concern.

Five best uses of Tramigo tracking devices are listed here.

  • Tracking: Tramigo Tracking Device enables you to enjoy full control over your vehicle even when you are out of the office or offline. You do not even need maps to understand the location of your vehicle as that is taken care of by Tramigo Tracking Device.
  • Monitor Fuel Use: You can get the data on fuel levels at regular intervals. This helps you keep track of the amount of fuel that you are left with.
  • Security: In the event of an attempted theft, you will be the first to know, locate, listen in and even cut off the vehicle power directly from your mobile device with the help of motion sensing, ignition detection and power cut alarm.
  • Control Breakdown Time: In order to minimize wastage of precious time, you can have access to the position and the health of the vehicle break down making it easy for you to address the issue and attend to your vehicle with efficiency. This is especially important for businesses dealing with delivery of goods and services since downtime directly translates to loss.
  • Monitor Speed: Tramigo Tracking Device helps you observe bad driving habits by monitoring speed, engine idling and unauthorized trips that would otherwise cost your business valuable time and money.


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