An automobile tracking device pretty much happens to be a staple part of every car accessories kit. Everyone wants to keep track of their vehicle, whether it be to protect against theft or to keep an eye on how the car is being used. But most tracking devices tend to lag behind Tramigo – the top brand in this market niche that promises a hassle-free usage experience with features that are better than all of its other counterparts. The Tramigo tracking device is a helpful gadget for everyone who owns a car. Wish to know why? Let’s find out:

While almost every car tracker allows you to set alarms, detect motion, monitor speeds and otherwise keep track of your car, they also require you to be glued to your device screen and remain online all the time. That is where these devices become impractical and tough to use. Tramigo tracking device goes one step further and provides users with an offline car monitoring option as well, whereby it sends status updates about your car directly to your mobile device, even when you are not connected to the web. Tramigo allows you to make changes to your tracking system, customize notification settings to send only critical alerts or all updates and even change the system’s language to make the entire usage experience more hassle free and convenient for you. THAT is the Tramigo difference – it makes keeping an eye on your car as simple and easy as you would want it to be!

Along with this major edge over all the other car tracking devices in the market, Tramigo also offers full 24-month warranty on its product along with 24-hour customer support to help enhance your usage experience. It also has a backup battery that allows the Tramigo tracking device to function even when your vehicle power is cut. There is no need to rely on third party services or software for using Tramigo and it also has a fleet enterprise management system for transport service providers and small business owners who need an efficient means to keep track of their on-duty vehicles.

In all respects, the Tramigo tracking device will turn out to be the perfect safety accessory for your car. What do you think?


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