Things to Ask Before Shopping for a Dashboard Camera

Many drivers and vehicle owners are convinced that dashboard cameras are important car accessories, and yet they haven’t purchased one for their cars because they don’t know where to start.

They get confused about the features or specifications and which ones they truly need. With so many good brands in the market, how do they choose only one? How can you be sure that the dashboard camera you are buying truly is the best ?  Don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. Below are some of the questions you should be asking when shopping for a dashboard camera.

What are the camera specifications?

Before you get caught up examining the advanced features of a dashboard camera, you might want to focus on its video and image quality first. After all, the main purpose of a dashboard camera is to record your trip. Footages must be clear. Don’t buy non-HD cameras even if they are way cheaper as their video quality is poor and dim.

Can it record clear videos in low light and at night?

Most HD dashboard camera can record clear footages during the day, but a truly good HD camera can capture videos and images even in low light conditions or at night. The best HD camera for cars is quick to adjust even when there is a sudden change in lighting conditions.

What is the screen resolution?

Dashboard cameras also vary in the sizes of screen resolutions. The best brands provide wide-angle coverage, capturing all the critical areas.

What is the size of the unit?

Dashboard cameras are ideally small and compact. They must be easy to mount behind your car’s rearview mirror. Small, compact cameras may not have widest screens, but they are also less distracting.

Is the retailer Trustworthy?

It is also wise to carefully assess the company that sells the dashboard camera, especially when you are buying online. Reputable companies ensure customer satisfaction by providing top of the line products and excellent customer service.


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