A tracking device enables you to locate your vehicles or any other assets and ensure its safety in an effective manner. There are several tracking devices available in the market and it may seem to you that all the devices perform the same function of locating your vehicle. Yes, it is true, but a quality and efficient tracking device can make a lot more difference with its enhanced features that make the whole tracking process simpler and hazel free. One such device is the Tramigo tracking device that takes pride in its excellent features and the benefits it yields the user. Hence here is the insight of a tracking device from Tramigo.

As other tracking devices, Tramigo also helps you to locate your vehicle through GPS location and set alarms for speed, geofencing or motion detection. The uniqueness of the device lies in the fact that it has some features that are very much user-friendly. Tramigo trackers can be accessed anywhere at any time, even without an internet connection. This is made possible by providing you with complete mobile software, where you receive SMS regarding the updates on the tracking function to your mobile phone, even in the void of the internet. Most of the tracking device comes with the poor user interface, providing complicated commands for merely fetching a location, while you can receive simple texts in the language of your choice regarding the location using Tramigo. The most exclusive feature of this tracking device is that it uses the TLD landmarks that enables the translation of GPS coordinates to the location name that you can easily understand and communicate too. Thus, wholly satisfying the concept of user-friendliness.

Tramigo is renowned for its reliability and aftermarket support providing 24 hours customer support like no other manufacturers. Moreover, it does not burden you with monthly charges or license payments, the only amount incurred by you would be that of the mobile operator’s normal price for SMS or GPRS data sent. These salient features make Tramigo undoubtedly the best and the most effective tracking device.


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