With the invention of Black Box, a lot many mysteries surrounding vehicular accidents around the world found a way towards unravelling. Especially when it came to plane crashes, black boxes came to be known as the Bible to answer all the questions. Today, the same concept is being applied to personal vehicles – cars, trucks, pick-ups, SUVs, etc. – in an attempt to make the world a little safer on the roads. This is accomplished by installation of “dashcams” – short for dashboard cameras – a device that records the activity of a vehicle as seen through the windscreen. It can help understand how accidents happen.

It totally makes sense to install a dashcam in your car this year, with so many good ones available out there. Here are the three best dashboard cameras for 2017.

Dashcam #3: The Transcend DrivePro 220 Dashcam

Based on the famed and highly-functional CMOS sensors, this power-packed camera with an inbuilt battery takes the prize over all others. With fully automated exposure settings, the high-quality, widescreen video from this camera will not disappoint you. It has a premium 130° wide angle lens that records a good field of vision.

Dashcam #2: The Pioneer DVR110 Dashcam

Sporting a super 150° wide angle view, there is hardly a lens around to match. A full high-definition recording of two million megapixels ensures that every minute detail of every driving second is recorded accurately. Its built-in microphone and speakers allow for a more interactive recording. Additional features include racing car cameras, 3D gravity sensor chip, collision detection, and emergency incidents and improved night visibility.

Dashcam #1: The HP f870g Dash Cam Full HD GPS

This feature-packed dashcam comes with an additional camera for the rear, also in HD (720p), so that you can keep a track on the activities going on at the back. Also equipped with GPS facilities, this camera is one of a kind and not to miss. The front camera records full HD videos to ensure you don’t miss a blink of the events happening on the windscreen.


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