Provide your car interior a “life extension” by installing 3M automotive tint film

Worried about parking your car in the open, with the sun shining down on the plush seat covers? Or is security an issue and you tend to carry everything around, including your laptop, wherever you make a stop while returning home? The automotive tint film can be the best answer to these problems.

An automotive tint film, supplied by a reputed brand such as 3M, tend to come with the best VLT% ratings (Visible Light Transmittance), which allows it to shade your properties from the prying eyes. Apart from securing the valuables, the tint ensures you have an uninterrupted view while driving through the night. The special tints filter the glare from the night lights, upcoming car with headlights on full blast, or an especially tricky road with innumerable vehicles to tackle.

The tint films are so designed to keep the glaring sunlight, with its harmful radiations from troubling your eyes or the seat covers. Most of the time, the car owners are apprehensive about parking in the open, due to the effect of the sun on their seat covers (apart from, of course, the dust). The 3M automotive tint film acts as a protective barrier, and cuts down on the sunlight filtering in, thereby saving the hassles of changing seat covers due to their faded appearance.

Similarly, these tints act as a protective barrier for those travelling on a hot day too. The UV radiations, which are carcinogenic, are effectively reduced, thereby rendering a slave drive for the loved ones.

So, before listening to the rumor about how window tints can affect the night vision, try out the best tints available in the market, understand how tints can transform the driving experience. With its ability to change the quality of light entering your vehicle.


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