Parking sensors: An Extra Set of Eyes at the Back

A car is a fancy thing that needs to be protected. As cars are made of parts that could be damaged, they need to be protected and made durable. Hence, if you own a car, you should opt for smart solutions to protect your car. Now, there are various ways in which you can protect your car from external damages. One such important measure that you can take is to equip your car with parking sensors. They are categorized in the “smart parking solution” for a car. Having parking sensors prevents your car from getting hit by obstacles in parking lots.  There are also several other reasons as to why you should install them in your car. This article focuses on the importance and benefits which you can avail by using smart parking sensors.

Working principle

One of the main reasons as to why you should use parking sensors is that they allow you to drive safely. No matter what the circumstances are, these advanced sensors come handy in preventing your car from crashing against hard obstacles. So, how do these sensors work? Well, they emit ultrasonic waves to start with. If there’s any object present nearby the car, these waves hit against them and reflect back. The nearer your car approaches an object, the frequency of these sonic wave increases, letting you know the safe place where you should park your car at. Nowadays, you can choose to opt for visual or audible sensors to help you get notified of objects in the parking lot. They work fine both during the day and night.

The parking sensors get activated the moment you enter into a parking lot. However, these devices are programmable and can be adjusted to response the way you want. Mainly, they are programmed to notify you of any obstacles when your car is engaged in reverse gear. The sensors are equipped with antennas those are responsible for emitting ultrasonic/ magnetic waves. Then, when your car gets near to an object, the frequency of these waves will be increased, which in turn would increase the volume of the internal speaker (or in the visual screen, if present any.)

The parking sensors can easily be installed in any car as there are no additional requirements for installation. The antenna is adhesive in nature and requires no extra holes in a car to fit into. So, you can install them and prevent further damage to your car.


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