Merrill dual camera dash cam Unit Features, And How They Can Affect You: A Brief Guide

If you’re looking for a dual dash cam and are wondering which models offer the best value in terms of price and features, we suggest you take a look at the Merrill dual camera dash cam. Read on and take a look at its features to see why it’s the clear winner.

Ultra-high definition images – The camera’s ability to smoothly cover 30 frames per seconds without missing important details in between scenes gives ensures high-quality shots and videos that will be useful for both personal and legal purposes.

Better memory – With a 128GB memory card, Merrill dual dash Cam’s storage capacity is bigger and more reliable.

G-sensor – What’s the use of having high def images and better memory capacity when files are deleted due to shocks from wrecks, falls, or collisions? The G-sensor feature of Merrill dual dash cam enables recorded files to be saved and protected from deletion even after a strong impact.

Highspeed wi-fi connection with mobile phone replay – The recorded and images are easy to access with the Wi-Fi camera app. It’s more convenient to do playbacks, downloads, and even in delete certain images and videos from the camera.

Wide angle lens – Its 170-degree wide angle lens covers up to three lanes and can even effectively show blind spots.

Dual-lens recording – Aside from providing clearer views of both the front and rear ends of the vehicle, both cameras can simultaneously record. This is especially useful if the recorded footage will be used as a supporting evidence for an insurance claims and police reports as it shows clearly how accidents or other road-related incidents happened in detail.

Night vision – Driving in poorly-lit areas and recording footages in such areas can be quite a challenge. With Merrill dual dash cam’s night vision feature, these issues are addressed.


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