Installing Fog Lights Can Be Your Right Car Detailing Selection

Installing a set of custom fog lights can provide your car enhanced safety and at the same time increase its style quotient. There are many different types and designs of fog lights that you can choose from but finding the right units will help ensure greater levels of safety during foggy, misty, and pitch-black driving situations. Fog lamps, as these lights are also referred to, are aptly named because they help drivers increase visibility in low- visibility situations like in the middle of a thick fog, heavy rain, snow, or in pitch black darkness. This said, the effectiveness of your fog light installation doesn’t only depend on the right choice of lamps. You should also know how to properly install and angle them in order to cover as much ground as possible.

For fog lights to be most effective, they should be installed in such a way that they are close to the ground as possible. When turned on, this low angle will allow the light that the lamps produce to travel a lot further and cover the road surface. This will not only increase visibility, but also help drivers’ recognise and detect potholes, therefore avoiding mishaps and blown tires.

Fog lights have a slight give to the side, this is because of the nature of their placement. Because of this, they cannot reflect light from fog or snow back to the driver’s field of vision the way that headlights do. What they are great at is illuminating dark edges where headlamps cannot reach. This wider light reach enables safer driving as there is more visible ground, which allows drivers to detect incoming cars, pedestrians, or wildlife even in low visibility conditions.

As well as adding safety to your car, fog lights are also excellent additions for style purposes as they help enhance the look of the front section of the vehicle.


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