Install a Tramigo Tracking Device Before fasting your Seat Belt

Fleet companies that install a GPS tracking system are likely to experience benefits in the sale. Today, every luxury car comes with a tracking system that helps drivers and car owners to stay connected and keep tracking if the car is moving. Different brands in the market offer tracking devices and Tramigo is one such brand. Tramigo tracking device is the world’s best tracking brand used by every other car owner. The brand has been offering tracking devices for the private, small and large fleet. These tracking devices from Tramigo are designed with the latest features and software that can be installed in smartphone and tablet.

With the standalone server, the user can manage from a remote area to locate the driver or the car.

The brand has three different tracking devices- T23 Fleet, T23 Track and T23 Magnum. You can install according to the fleet and requirement. Let us check how you can benefit by introducing Tramigo tracking device:

Accessible Even when Offline:

This is the best part of having Tramigo tracking device because it can be connected from any location, even when you are offline. It gives you full mobile software for all the updates or critical messages to share when you can’t access the internet.

User-Friendly Language:

Some tracking devices are poor regarding languages and machine translated instructions. Some even ask you to memorise the command which is difficult to get a simple location. Tramigo can be used in any smartphone device and has a secure English command, or you can choose a language of your choice. This makes it easy to use and manage the device.

No Relying on 3rd Party:

Many brands may ask you to sign up for the service and include free service for the 1st year. Not only will this cost high, but also you will end up sending sensitive location data. With Tramigo, you will have no monthly fees or have to use 3rd party app for the functioning process.

Easy to Understand Data:

Tramigo offers TLD landmarks to translate cryptic GPS to coordinate with the location and communicate with others. You can instantly understand the situation and share with the concerned person. TLD landmarks the entire region and sends by the Tramigo device over GSM network, so you don’t have to lose track of the fleet.

Tramigo tracking device is currently the best in the market when it comes to using GPS system for your car. Affordable, rich with features and easy to use makes this device worth investing on for safe driving.


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