How to save money and energy with Nano-Tech window films

Investing in high-quality window films makes sense especially in the Philippines where the sun can be too bright and hot. Too much heat in your vehicle could affect the well-being as well as make you and your family uncomfortable. Glare from the sun and other reflective surfaces outside obstructs vision and causes discomfort, too. Specially designed glass films from Nano-Tech can help reduce glare and prevent maximum heat entry while making sure that you can slash energy costs in the long run.

Enters L.A. Window Films Philippines, official distributor of Nano-Tech Window Films from Japan with branches in Manila, Paranaque and now in Cebu City. Nano-Tech Films have the highest heat rejection of 96% in the industry, allowing natural light to penetrate while rejecting 99% of the harmful ultra-violet ray of the sun. By applying the films, you may be absolutely sure not only about the sun protection, but also the enhanced appearance of your vehicle.

Check the video of how L.A. Window Films Philippines professionals are tinting aPorsche Macan in the Tint Room, Makati (GMAD Tower, 7610 Guijo St. San Antonio Village, Makati City Philippines 1204).

Please watch the video here

Step 1: preparation of windows (outside)
Step 2: film cutting
Step 3: preparation of windows (inside)
Step 4: film application
Final step: enjoying the clients’ smiles

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