How to Choose between Headrest Vs Overhead Monitor

The most common car accessories in the market are car DVD players. People install these devices mainly for entertainment purposes, allowing them to watch movies and even play games while on the road. DVD players are some of the handiest car accessories you can ever have especially if you’re always stuck in traffic or often go on long road trips. They are some of the best alternatives to laptops, tablets, or portable gadgets since they are powered by the car and can thus promise continuous or non-stop performance.

Car DVD players come in different styles. You can choose a headrest monitor or an overhead monitor. Which one should you choose? Here are some tips to help you make a good decision.

Understand their differences

First, you have to know what makes the two different. As the name implies, headrest monitors are set on the back headrest of the driver and front passenger seats. That way, the passengers at the back can watch videos. Meanwhile, overhead monitors (sometimes called flip head monitors) are mounted on the roof of the vehicle. Simply flip the monitor out to use it. Like a headrest monitor, it is designed primarily for passengers at the back.

Compare the pros and cons

Most people like headrest monitors because they provide an amazing and more comfortable viewing experience than overhead monitors. You don’t have to look upwards to watch. Depending on the model you choose, you can get headrest monitors that play different videos at the same time, so each passenger can watch something different. If you have kids who never seem to agree on what to watch, this is the type of DVD player to consider.

Meanwhile, overhead monitors are more practical in the sense that you only need one. Everyone—including those in the third or fourth row if you have a van—can watch a movie together. On the other hand, overheard monitors will require a larger space. They cannot be installed in small vehicles that don’t have enough room for flipping the screen down.

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