How Car Tint Can Protect the Leather Inside Your Vehicle

Have you ever thought about shopping for a luxury car? You can buy used luxury cars as they can be economical. However, most of the used luxury cars have damaged leather because of the sun’s UV rays. In this post, we are going get insight into how car tint can protect the leather of a vehicle. So whether you are planning to buy a luxury car or already have one, make sure to read till the end.

A vehicle is one of the largest investments that a person ever makes. So it should be their priority to take the right steps in order to protect their investment. Getting a car tint in Makati offers you the most effective way to keep the luxurious leather of your vehicle looking new. Moreover, it increases the resale value of your car.

UV rays are the biggest enemy of the leather

Leather seats and dashboards signify luxury in the vehicles. Leather has been used as an expensive add-on in vehicles for a very long time. With time and innovation, those same vehicles started to implement manmade leather blends that look just like real leather. However, these manmade leather blends are much more economical which is an appealing factor for buyers. Whether it is real or blended leather inside your car, the sun’s harmful rays can damage it. The UV rays can break down the leather products, causing unsightly fading as well as cracking.

The best way to protect the vehicle’s leather is by applying car window tint. These tints are designed to block the harmful UV rays coming from the sun which ensures that the leather looks beautiful and new for a much longer time. Car tints can drastically increase the life of all the leather coverings inside a vehicle. Now take a look at types of tints that you can use to protect the leather of your vehicle.

The best type of tint for UV protection

Tints are measured based on the light that can pass through after applying them. So for instance, 20% film can block 80% of the sunlight that is exposed to it. There are local laws on how dark your windows can be so make sure to comply with them. Once you have decided on the percentage, you need to decide which type of tint you want for your vehicle. There are three types of car window tints to choose from.


These kinds of tins are tinted with several layers of dyes to get that dark shade. These tints are often less expensive but they aren’t as durable as other types of car window tinting.


These tints have microscopic metallic flakes pressed into the film. They reflect UV rays and heat however due to their metallic nature, they can interfere with electronic signals.


These tints offer the best way to protect your vehicle’s leather. Ceramic tints can a little expensive however they are worth the money. They can block 80-98% of UV rays and infrared rays from entering the car.

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