HID Light in Vehicle – Enhancing Your Vision While Driving

The most important car accessories are those that increase driving safety. Among them are HID lights. What are they and what are the benefits?

HID light or High-Intensity Discharge Light is a type of headlight that is filled with xenon gas instead of the conventional halogen. Although they are not as good as LED lights, they are still some of the brightest headlight options that are sold in the aftermarket. In fact, some of the automotive manufacturers prefer HID bulbs to other types of headlights, integrating them in their new vehicles as the main lighting systems. For this reason, HID lights have become popular specifically to private vehicle owners who are looking for full replacement headlamp units.

Compared to halogen, HID lights are way better. The following are some of the benefits of HID lights you must know.

Lamp brightness

HID lights help ensure road safety of drivers and passengers and lower risk of accidents at night and during low light conditions by offering a wider spectrum of visibility. These headlights are bright so that drivers can clearly see the road while driving. If halogen produces 1,400 lumens, HID light produces 3,000 lumens.


The main complaint about halogen headlights is that they don’t last very long. They need to be changed or reinstalled often. This won’t be a problem with HID lights because they are built to last about three times longer than halogen.

Light distance or reach

Since they emit 3000 lumens, the light travels or reaches a farther distance. That means you can see more in front of you while driving. This reduces the risks of navigating roads at night or during foggy conditions.


This type of headlight requires 25-30% less than the energy halogen bulbs need. It draws less power and causes less wear on the electrical system and the car’s battery.


HID lights are a bit pricier than halogen bulbs. But considering the benefits that they provide, they are worth the upgrade.

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