Finding the Best Options for Car Security Film

Car security films are the most understated security components in a car that provide a major security shield. These products when applied to car windows provide greater privacy and protection. Many car owners opt for car films to enhance the looks of the car.

While looking for car security film, one has to look out for these main features of the film:

  1. Heat protection
  2. Glare reflection
  3. Visibility
  4. Affordability
  5. Aesthetic appearance
  6. Stable opacity

Of late, there are innumerable options to choose from depending on the type of protection required

  • Nanotech reflective films

    These are made with Nano polymer technology to offer optimal heat rejection and clarity. It is the best choice for those concerned with looks as it gives a sleek appearance.

  • Lumar window films

    They are good quality films that enhance the appearance of the vehicle. The films come with a patented scratch resistant coating making it maintenance free.

  • Nanotech automotive security film

    It is the best security film to prevent theft, and to keep shattered glass together. It increases the amount of time and resistance to any theft attempt offering maximum security.

  • Black chrome by 3M

    Mainly for heat and glare rejection. Since it uses a metalized film technology, wireless signals can be disturbed. It is one of the base models that new owners usually opt for.

  • FX ST by 3m

    It is one of the most affordable options that provides significant heat rejection with a choice of many colors, which help in matching the color of the vehicle.

  • Nanotech charcoal films

    These are formulated with ceramic technology and do not resemble traditional dark security films. It is technologically advanced, providing sleek looks while at the same time, offers protection from infra-red heat. This is achieved without compromising on visibility.

  • Nanotech clear sky series

    This security film uses one of the most advanced technologies rendering very high performance and maximum heat protection. It allows maximum visible light and thus highest clarity in comparison to other films in the market

  • Nanotech VIP series

    A statement car security film offering best color stability and looks that will never fade with time. It is an affordable option offering superior glare reduction.

These films have unique features offering good quality protection for the car. Cars that sport films get an enhanced esthetic appearance.  The films also serve as useful defense in situations such as theft while also helping to limit the damage.


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