Find Out Some of the Lesser Known Facts about Parking Sensors

Parking can be difficult, and in some cases, it can be challenging even for seasoned drivers—especially if the area or space is problematic and can cause some blind spots. To prevent accidents, you will need to consider parking sensors that help increase safety while parking. Newer cars come with built-in parking aids, but if you have an older model without one, you can consider buying and getting it fitted into your vehicle. The sensors are mounted on bumpers to detect the distance between the vehicle and the obstacles. They beep, and the sound gradually intensifies the nearer you get to an obstacle. In some cases, the system has a computerised voice that will tell you your distance from an obstacle.

Parking sensors are great accessories to consider if you are upgrading your car’s safety features. They can be fitted into just about any vehicle, including SUVs, sedans, and hatchbacks. Some parking sensors can warn you with a visual image or alarm, too, so you can quickly tell if there is any obstacle behind your vehicle before reversing.

Some parking sensors come with digital graphics to let you know which part of your car is near an object. This way, you can accurately and safely manoeuvre. Certain systems can come with reversing cameras that use a rear-facing camera mounted high and slightly pointed downward to show you obstacles that may not be visible from your side and rear-view mirrors. The images are displayed on the screen on a dashboard.

Parking sensors could help address age-related problems when driving, such as poor vision and difficulty in turning the head. With this technology, older drivers could be safer and avoid accidents while parking or reversing. In 2011, an insurance claims analysis found that rear parking sensors have reduced claims on collision insurance by five percent. Advanced systems that feature newer technologies, like the ‘parking patch’, could help drivers find an available parking spot to save them a lot of time and effort driving around a car park.


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