Different Types of Car Security Film Explained

For most people, their vehicle is everything. These are one of the great investments that help them to travel from one place to another with utmost safety. Knowing this fact, most car owners do their best to keep their cars in good condition. Car security film plays a major role in ensuring the safety and comfort of your car.

Further in this blog, we will discuss what are the types of car protection films. But before that, let’s understand what exactly is window protection film.

What is a car security film?

Car security films are a kind of window tint meant to protect the vehicles. Other than providing the standard UV protection, security films also prevent the window from breaking and sending flying shards everywhere.

Car owners also use car security tints to reduce the possibility of theft and injury while driving. The thick layer of car security film uses rubber-based adhesive to prevent the glass shards from flying. It also makes it difficult to break in the case of theft. Security film also reduces glare and makes driving safer.

Types of car security film 

There are many options that you can find in the market for achieving the benefits of window tinting.


Dyed window tint comes with several layers of dyed film, which is meant to absorb the sunlight. You can also adjust them according to your preference for darkness. These are the most affordable and common types of window tints among car owners.


You can assess with the name! Metalize tint contains metal particles. They keep the sunlight out using the reflection rather than absorbing it. They are much more effective than the dyed car security film. Metalized security tints also come with the feature of scratch resistance. They also increase the strength of your windows and make them less likely to shatter due to any accidents. However, this product can interfere with the radio or GPS signals.


These security films are a combination of the dyed and metal film. They come with several layers of dyed films along with a thin metal layer, usually of titanium. Hybrid window tint is known to eliminate the negative features of dyed and metal tinting.

They come with less radio interference than fully metalizes ones and don’t give a metallic appearance. Hybrid tints are also more budget-friendly than the other tinting options. It is also known to reduce the heat of the sun which can increase the internal temperature of the vehicle by 40%.


Ceramic window films are better than carbon tinting because they block more than 99% percent of the UV rays. As they do not contain dyes or metal particles, ceramic films do not get fade over time or interfere with radio signals.

Other options 

Apart from the above, there are also some other tints available. One of them is a crystalline tint that blocks the UV rays, but it’s completely transparent and does not offer any kind of privacy. It’s important to get in touch with the experts in order to explore the best car security film options for you.


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