Choosing Between DIY and Professional Installation for Your Car Tint: What You Need to Know

Car owners who wish to improve the aesthetics of their vehicle, safeguard their privacy, and lessen the heat and glare inside it frequently opt for car tinting. However, a lot of people aren’t sure whether to do the installation themselves or call in a contractor. The advantages and disadvantages of DIY vs. professional automobile tint installation with the help of the best car tint in the Philippines will be discussed in this blog post.

DIY Car Window Tinting

Many automobile owners decide to install their car tint, frequently for financial reasons. It’s crucial to remember that applying automobile tint is more complicated than it first appears. The pros and cons of installing automobile window tint yourself are listed below:


Cost-Effective: Compared to hiring a professional, buying automobile tint film and the installation materials is typically far less expensive.

Flexibility: DIY installation enables automobile owners to personalize their tinting process according to their preferences, including picking the color or level of darkness.

Satisfaction: Finishing a DIY tint installation successfully might give one a feeling of pride in their own labour.


Time-consuming: Car tint installation takes a lot of effort and perseverance. For those with no prior knowledge, the task may take several hours or even days to accomplish.

Difficulty: Installing automobile tint is a technique that takes experience, so it can be difficult for novices to accomplish it perfectly.

Damage Possibility: Improper installation poses the risk of damaging the car’s windows or possibly causing the tint film to bubble and peel.

Installation of Car Tint Professionally

Even while hiring a professional to apply your car’s window tint is more expensive than doing it yourself, there are some advantages. Here are some pros and cons of having a pro install your automobile tint:


Workmanship: Qualified installers have the knowledge and experience to guarantee a high-quality tinting job that doesn’t peel or bubble.

Saving Time: Professional installation takes substantially less time than DIY installation, with the majority of jobs being finished in a day or two.

Warranty: Professional installers frequently provide warranties for their work, giving automobile owners peace of mind.


Cost: Depending on the level of customization required, professional installation may be more expensive than a DIY project.

Limited Adaptability: When using a professional installer, car owners may have less control over the customizing possibilities.

Scheduling: Making an appointment with a professional installer may take more effort and time than a do-it-yourself installation.

Personal preference, level of expertise, and financial considerations ultimately determine whether to apply car tint professionally or do it yourself. DIY installation can save money, but it takes a lot of time, patience, and ability. On the other hand, professional installation costs more but provides high-quality work and convenience. Owners of automobiles should carefully weigh their options before deciding on the installation strategy that best suits their requirements. Make sure you do proper research and choose the best car tint in the Philippines.


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