Car Security Films: Something securing you Through the Road

Aftermarket tints/films for your car window doesn’t make a right looking ride but also directly affects your safety and health on the road. There are several products available in the market to this end, but you’ll first need to understand the benefits associated with car security films.

Fade Reduction

For most of us, our car has been a long-awaited investment. Now that you have bought your vehicle, you’ll certainly want it to look new for as long as possible. Professional window tinting is one of the best ways to do so. The security window film will block out harsh sunlight that is the first reason for discolouration. Be it the vinyl, leather seats or any other upholstery; the window film will protect them from cracking. Further, car tinting also blocks windshield glares and saves your eyes from fatigue, both during the day and at night.

UV Block

Direct UV light is as harmful to your car as to your skin. Specialized car security films can, however, block up to 99% of UV radiation entering your car. In fact, some medical reports have correlated skin cancer to the left side of the body, which is also the driver’s side. Getting a UV/UBV car film is very important if you spend a lot of time driving in the daytime.

Solar Heat Rejection

Any car owner would know the battle of getting the perfect adjustment for the car air conditioning. This gets even more complicated when there are more passengers inside the vehicle. Well, window tinting can block between 35 and 65% of solar heat build up inside the car. This will not only help passengers get more comfortable but also save on fuel.

Protection from shattered glass

There could be several reasons why your car window glass may shatter. It could be from a kid hitting a ball to your car or you becoming involved in an accident. When you are out on the road, you never know what may hit you and when. Consequently, taking precautionary steps is the best advice. A proper quality car tinting can protect your glass from shattering. While the cracks would still come, you will be protected from the glass shreds that fly all around in such an event.

Privacy and security

Lastly, tinted car windows make it more difficult for criminals to breach your privacy. You and your belongings are more secure being guarded.

Car security films come with a great number of advantages. It’s one of the accessories that are highly recommended for any vehicle owner.


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