Car Security Film – How to Choose the Best Type

Window tint serves many purposes, and the right car security film will ensure that you and your car’s interior will be protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays, provide an additional level of privacy, reduce glare, and enhance the overall aesthetic of your vehicles. Tint may help minimize heat in your car, too, a feature that might be essential if you regularly park outdoors or you live in an area with a hot climate. However, not all car security films are equal, so you need to take time to understand their features and choose the best type for your car. Here are a few tips for your guidelines:

  • Non-reflective versus metalized films – Non-reflective car security film provides glare and heat control by absorbing heat. Dyed films are some examples of conventional non-reflective tints and they provide increased clarity and optical quality with superior glare control. However, they tend to be the least effective in controlling the absorption of solar heat compared to metalized tint, which causes solar energy to bounce off or reflect. Metallic tints help provide privacy, too, but keep in mind that they may interfere with GPS and cellphone reception.
  • Other factors to consider – Some car security films are made of materials like ceramic film, carbon film, and dyed film. Dyed film may be cost-effective, but it is not the most durable. Carbon film is strong and dense with minimal discoloration rate, but it is usually problematic with haze and glare. Ceramic film provides high heat rejection and eliminates glare, but it tends to oxidize and fade quickly.
  • UV protection – UV light can cause your car interior to fade and damage your skin, increasing your risk of skin cancer. Hence, look for car security film that rejects up to 99 percent of UV light. Nano carbon ceramic tint is a good film that not only rejects heat from the sun, but increases your privacy, too.
  • Crime deterrent – Go for car security film that can keep shattered glass together in case of an attempted break in. That way, it will take more time and effort for the perpetrator to gain access inside your car.


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