Benefits of Updating your Car with Security Films

Contrary to perception that security films only bring tint to windows, car security films offer manifold protection to occupants and durables inside cars. An increasing number of incidences of theft of valuables from cars have been attributed to smashing and grabbing. It is possible to prevent or secure the occupants or valuables through a coat of security film. Here is a brief on security films and the benefits your car will receive.

Cutting out harmful infra-red heat and ultra violet rays

A security film with the right percentage of tint blocks out the harmful effects of sunlight, while affording complete and unhindered visibility through the glass. One of the effects of the deteriorating environment has been globally warmer temperatures. A tinted glass can save on air conditioning bills by keeping the interiors protected from heat radiation. By also keeping out IR and UV rays from the interiors, the occupants are protected.

Rendering smashing of car windows difficult and pre-empting thefts

A nano technology security film will add a protective layer to the car windows making it difficult for thieves to smash through. All evidence points to the fact that the majority of thefts have occurred wherein the thief smashes and quickly retrieves valuables before making a getaway. A protective film will make it a lot more difficult for a thief to smash through. As the alarms goes on, thieves generally drop the idea of theft if chances of succeeding quickly are dim.

Protection from shattering and flying shards

At times, certain impacts may result in the car window glasses shattering. This could pose a serious risk because of flying shards of glass.  Security films incorporating nano technology offer a protective layer bonded to the glass that prevents shattered glass from flying around. The threshold levels of the impact that the car window glasses can withstand depends on the quality of film based on risk assessment.

Security films offer discreet protection. Without affecting the appearance of cars, these films lend security and protection to occupants. As visual appeal of cars remains an area of concern for all improvisations, it is heartening that security films do not play spoilsport with the overall appearance. Available in colors that blend with naturally accepted colors of glasses, these films are definitely a must for all who value their safety, privacy and health.


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