Back Up Cameras- A Must Have Accessory for Cars

Rear view cameras are a great aid to drivers, in most situations. They help while weaving in and out of traffic, or while taking evasive measures when traffic from behind advances at uncomfortable speeds.  These specialized cameras located mostly in the rear end of the car with a display in the dashboard help to avoid backup collision. The rear area is accident prone because it is more of a blind zone.  Rear cameras are definitely the best option when vehicles need to tow.

Design – meant to facilitate easy maneuvering

The backup camera is designed in such a way that the image produced is a mirror image. This helps in proper orientation so the driver does not get confused while reversing the car. Most of the cameras used in the rear view are wide angled. This helps in offering good visibility in a wide angle.

Features – aimed at enhancing all round vision

Cars now have LCD displays for GPS systems, therefore it is easy to get a good and clear image on the screen. Some backup cameras have night vision cameras so as to see clearly in dim lit areas. They need not be pre- fixed while manufacturing and can be fixed on the car anytime. Some of them are wired and rest are wireless. Some advanced cameras are linked to mobile devices at times.

Advantages of fitting a back up camera

  • Reversing a car is one of the most daunting tasks for a first time driver, in addition to being a tough call in some situations for all drivers. The rear view camera makes it easier for navigating backwards.
  • Even for seasoned drivers, rear area is prone to collision. A back up camera gives visual confidence and one can reverse easily without risk.
  • Due to technological advances in the production of rear cameras, costs have significantly reduced over the past years. This makes this facility affordable to the common man.
  • In cars that do not come with pre attached cameras, fixing a rear camera is a fairly easy process. It does not require complex modifications to the existing facility.
  • Is a great aid during parking.  More often than not parking becomes a hassle for drivers. Rear view cameras can help gauging the distance in the rear, allowing for easy parking.
  • For cars with a bulky build, rear viewing becomes almost impossible. Rear view cameras give confidence to the drivers and help them maneuver the vehicles easily.


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