Back Up Camera for Cars: Why You Need One

A back up camera is a specialized video camera designed to be attached to your vehicle’s rear to aid you while driving on reverse. Also, known as a ‘rear view camera’ or ‘reversing camera,’ the back up camera is an ideal solution for blind spots and prevention of collisions. Unlike conventional cameras, back up cameras are designed to show a horizontally flipped image, which is like a mirror image.

The driver and the camera are facing opposite directions, and without the mirror image, the driver’s left would be the camera’s right and vice versa. With a mirrored image, the display orientation is consistent with your car’s physical mirrors.

Backup cameras usually have a fisheye or a wide-angle lens. The lens may not be designed to see objects far objects, but it lets the camera view a continuous horizontal path from one corner of the rear to the other. It is recommended that the camera be directed on a downward angle, so it can capture potential obstacles on the ground, while providing a view of approaching docks and walls. While backup cameras are ideal for most vehicles, they are especially helpful if you are often having trouble backing up or if you are driving an RV, SUV, or passenger trucks.

Accident prevention is one of the major reasons for needing back up cameras for cars. You can minimize your chances of hitting someone or something while backing up if you can see exactly what is behind your vehicle, and that is only possible with a visual aid, like a back up camera. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration in the US found that backing up accidents result in 15,000 injuries and 210 deaths annually, and 31 percent of those involve children under five years old. The US Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found that three-quarters of drivers who use rearview cameras with audible sensors were able to avoid backing up accidents, and 100 percent of drivers without those gear ran over child-sized stationary objects.

Having a back up camera for cars is not enough. You need to make sure that you are investing in a high-quality reliable system that can let you see clearly. Hence, be sure to buy the right camera from a reputable retailer of high-quality car accessories. Moreover, be sure that your dash is ideal for setting up a backup camera system.


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