Avoid All the Weather Problems Get Your Car Vkool Tint Now!

Vkool car tint is one of the most sought-after brands of car tints in the Philippines. Unlike traditional films, it does far more than adding security and aesthetic appeal to your car. This car tint can keep your vehicle cool regardless of the weather.

In a tropical country like the Philippines, driving on a hot sunny day can be a real struggle. Try leaving or parking your car out in the sun for a few minutes and it will turn into a scorching oven. Even if you keep the cooling system on, you will still find it difficult driving on a summer day. While installing a darker tint on your car windows can minimise heat inside your vehicle, these regular films can usually reject only about 35-45% of the heat.

Meanwhile, premium tints like Vkool offer heat rejection for up to 70%. Vkool car tints are made using a unique and advanced technology. They have multiple layers of materials that reflect and reject not just solar energy but also ultraviolet, infrared, and visible light transmission.

Cheaper car tints do reject heat; however, some amount of heat still gets absorbed by the glass window. That’s why it still feels considerably hot inside the car. Vkool car tints are superior because its selective infra-red wavelengths technology rejects heat completely. The glass window and the interior of a vehicle remain at an even temperature, preventing heat build-up.

What’s more is that Vkool car tints can offer all these advantages without getting dyed or polished to appear dark. In fact, Vkool 70 car tints are clear films with 70% visible light transmission and 99% UV ray protection. While this product provides optimum clarity for drivers, it also shields skin against UV. You can enjoy the comfort and protection of a premium car tint without darkening your car windows.


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