Advantages of Installing Car Dashboard Camera in Your Car

A car dashboard camera works like a security camera or CCTV. But aside from watching over your vehicle, it also lets you keep an eye on other things such as road accidents and road safety violators. Car dashboard cameras have become a necessity today because of the benefits they offer. But because they are rather new, many drivers and car owners are still slow to adopt them. If your car doesn’t come with a built-in dashcam, you should seriously consider buying an aftermarket model. These reasons will further convince you to purchase a quality car dashboard camera.

Keep actual footage of road accidents 

Some car dashboard cameras have an emergency recording function that automatically records emergency when it detects an impact, like when you bump into something, or a car collides into yours. The footage recorded during the accident is kept safe and won’t be overwritten by new footage unless manually deleted.

Use road accident videos for an insurance claim or investigation 

Dashcam videos are helpful when claiming compensation for an insurer or from the other party. You can use them as proof showing whose fault the accident was. Having actual footage of the collision can also prove your innocence and help the authorities investigate your case further.

Protect your car in the parking lot 

Theft, vandalism, and many other crimes happen in parking lots, garages, and commercial spaces. To avoid these, manufacturers have upgraded their car dashboard cameras, equipping them with features such as motion detection and dual camera function. This means that even if your car is not moving, the cameras will remain recording, specifically when they sense a movement nearby or inside your vehicle. The dual camera function gives you a 360-degree view, allowing you to see things from different angles. That way, you can easily catch anyone who is vandalizing and breaking into your car while you are not around.


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