A car stereo occupies the centrepiece of a car’s audio system and holds a large part in building the interior look of your car. This makes it significant to choose a dashing stereo with a complete package of useful features. There are many stereo options available in the market nowadays, but the quality and advanced set up like the Kenwood car stereo will take your whole experience to a new level. So, to make your car ride a better and pleasurable one, a Kenwood car stereo is all your car need.

We know that the basic function of any stereo is to play radio and CDs, but with the development of the technology, there are many enhanced features that are now added to this simple system. The Kenwood car stereo allows you to connect your phone, iPod, any Bluetooth device or SD card to it, helping you to access to an unlimited number of songs on the go. It showcases a built-in 7-inch LCD that gives the privilege to watch DVD movies and other videos. We are aware of the consequences of talking over phone while driving and this forces us to avoid phone conversations while driving. However, in case of important and emergency calls, the built-in Bluetooth and touchscreen controls of this stereo aid you in making phone calls and hands-free conversations.

Apart from these, the Kenwood car stereo also extends its features by adding GPS navigation to the system. This feature guides you with accurate directions to your destination making your travel haze-free. Taking it further, the unit is also provided with a rear camera that acts as a backup cam to your car; however, an additional adapter is required for this. The unit also stands high regarding durability and affordability considering all the expanded features. All these exciting features make the Kenwood car stereo undoubtedly the best car stereo available in the market.


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