A Dashboard Camera will save your soul from Road-rash incidents

Over the past few years, car owners whether they own old or new model install dashboard cameras which not only looks attractive but helps the driver in many ways. In countries like the UK and US, dashboard cameras in a car are essential. This is to record what happens when you drive and if accident takes place. These cameras come in different styles and features. As modern cars are coming with latest features, dashboard cameras also come with advanced features. However, when you buy a new dashboard camera for your vehicle, it is essential to spend some time on understanding its features and benefits.

Some of the features these cameras carry are:

HD (High Definition):

The camera comes with an HD video feature giving a crisp output on recording. The detailed video can prove beneficial for a long-term as records. It can capture the number plates and other details of car running in front.

Loop Recording:

This camera comes with the loop recording functionality. It means the camera can record until the memory card gets full. Moreover, in the event of an accident, many cameras determine using the internal G-Sensors, the video file created will automatically get locked. So the video keeps recording on a loop.


With the GPS feature is getting common in every car, dashboard cameras also carry GPS feature. It helps to tell the location of speed cameras along the route.

Benefits of Dashboard Cameras:

Helps in Recording Evidence:

Dashboard cameras are used for a different purpose, and the biggest benefit one can have it is used as evidence if an accident takes place. In countries like Russia, using a dashboard camera is essential. It helps drivers to capture the collision and use it as evidence.

Capturing other Drivers:

Some unruly drivers break the traffic rules and damage other cars. Dashboard camera can capture other drivers and record all the actions of other vehicles. This video proof can be helpful for law enforcement and find the driver for road rage.

Fraud Prevention:

There are chances that thieves can use modern tools for robbing the car or people commit fraud purposely causing the accident. All these can be captured in the camera as evidence. The camera records every moment happening around.

With the advancement in technology, car owners can breathe a sigh of relief because collecting evidence through dashboard camera has become more comfortable. Be it the accident, theft or any inconvenience caused by another driver on the highway; everything gets captured.


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