A Buying Guide for the Best Range of Transcend Drivepro

Are you looking for a trusty dashcam to accompany you on all your road trips? Buy a Transcend Drivepro, one of the best brands of dashboard cameras in the market. Like other manufacturers, Transcend also offers a range of feature-packed dashcams to suit different requirements and budgets. Here’s a brief guide to help you choose the right Transcend Drivepro for your vehicle.

Transcend Drivepro 110: The dashcam for budget-conscious buyers

If you want a powerful dashboard camera that won’t hurt your wallet, then pick the Drivepro 110. Though it’s the cheapest of the three models, it has excellent camera specifications. It has a Sony Image Sensor that makes sure you get high-resolution images or videos even when driving at night or in low-light areas. It also comes with handy safety features such as emergency recording, headlight reminder, and driver fatigue alert.

Transcend Drivepro 230: A dashcam with all the essential features

This Drivepro has the Exmor™ sensor, another trademark of Sony. It can capture better images at higher-resolution, promising clearer and crisper video footage of your trips. It supports 1080P Full HD recording at 30fps, so you can use your dashcam videos to create stunning travel vlogs. This advanced mid-range dash cam comes with GPS/GLONASS receiver and a built-in battery. It even has Wi-Fi connectivity that works with the Drivepro app, so you can conveniently view and download your videos and images through a smartphone.

Transcend Drivepro 550: The best dual lens dashcam

If you own a cab or you are using your car for a ride-sharing business, then it makes sense to install a dual-lens dashcam. Recording what’s going on in the vehicle will you protect yourself from passengers with ill intentions.

Like other Drivepros, this one promises excellent video quality but with its both cameras. The front camera records at 1080p, and the rear camera is at 720p. The size of the field of view angle of the front camera is only a bit wider than the rear camera. The wide-angle allows you to get a good look outside and inside your car. Another thing that you will love about this dashcam is its sleek design, which resembles a small film camera.


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