Rockford Fosgate Power T400X4ad Car Amplifier

Php 19,700.00
The Power T400X4ad is an ultra-compact, high efficiency 400 Watt 4-channel amplifier. Features multi-impedance Constant Power, input/output clip detection, top-mounted controls, and dual fan forced induction cooling. Perfect for hybrid, electric, small cars, trucks, motorcycles, and side-by-side UTVs.
Product Description

Super-compact, bursting with power
Rockford Fosgate’s Power Series T400X4ad 4-channel amplifier can send up to 100 watts RMS to four separate speakers, or you could use this tiny power pack to run a couple of subs with 200 watts each. A dual-fan forced air cooling system keeps this sturdy little amp from overheating, so it can play hard for a long time.

Class AD: accurate and powerful
Rockford Fosgate uses their proprietary Class AD amplifier technology, combining the high fidelity of a Class A system with the high efficiency of their special Class D technology, to bring you this ultra-efficient, high-output amplifier. In other words, this compact amp produces more power with less current draw from your vehicle’s charging system than most other amps on the road today.

Rockford Fosgate’s high-tech solutions yield more power
Power Series amplifiers actively monitor speaker performance using Rockford Fosgate’s Constant Power technology. A speaker’s impedance naturally fluctuates as it performs, fighting against your amp’s output. So, just like your cruise control increases the engine’s RPM to maintain your car’s speed uphill, Constant Power maintains this amp’s output by increasing its internal voltage and current flow when the speaker’s impedance rises. This results in up to a 25% increase in the amp’s total power output.

Easy to set for optimum performance
Rockford Fosgate’s C.L.E.A.N. technology (Calibrated Level Eliminates Audible Noise) setup system ensures your music will sound as clean and powerful as possible. It works like this: play the setup tone on the included test CD, adjust the receiver volume until a red clip light on the amp goes out, then turn the amp gain up until a blue light comes on. It’s that simple — your amplifier will be perfectly set to match your receiver’s output. When your receiver reaches maximum clean volume, you’ll get maximum clean power from your power amp. At quiet listening levels, you’ll hear less background noise and more of your music.



RMS Power Output (Watts x Channels)100 x 4
Peak Power Output (Watts x Channels)290 x 2
Power at 2 Ohms (Watts x Channels)100 x 4
Bridged Power (Watts x Channels)200 x 2
Minimum Impedance Bridged4
Minimum Impedance Unbridged2
Minimum Impedance2
Best Frequency Response20-20000 Hz
THD at Rated RMS Power1%
Signal to Noise Ratio90 dB
Input Voltage14.4v
Amplifier ClassA/D
Low-Pass Crossover Frequency50-250 Hz
Low-Pass Slope (dB/octave)12 dB/octave
High-Pass Crossover Frequency50-250 Hz
High-Pass Slope (dB/octave)12 dB/octave
Bass Boost0-18 dB
Bass Boost Frequency45 Hz
Fan CooledYes
Fuse Rating60
Speaker Level Inputs4 RCA
Preamp OutputsNo
Width (inches)8-5/8
Height (inches)1-5/8
Depth (inches)4-5/16

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