Nano Ceramic Glass Coating

Php 1,500
Nano Ceramic Glass Coating is a low-maintenance protective coating that transforms automotive windshields into high-performing, weather-repellent surfaces.
Safety Features

Nano Ceramic Glass Coating by Diamond Fusion International is a low-maintenance protective coating that transforms automotive windshields into high-performing, weather-repellent surfaces. Using a patented nanotechnology process, it chemically bonds to the silica in the glass, filling in its microscopic peaks and valleys. The result is an ultra-thin, yet resilient barrier that seals the surface of the glass, providing better visibility and reduced vehicle damage from harsh environments. Its impact and scratch resistance were proven by tests conducted at the Institute for Glass Science and Engineering at Alfred University in New York – confirming that to damage a surface treated with Diamon-Fusion, the force applied had to be 10X more than what it takes to damage an unprotected surface.

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Reduce Windshield Damage

Now you can avoid the cost, time, and hassle of replacing or repairing your windshield (windscreen). Nano Ceramic Glass Coating reduces the coefficient of friction and increases the possible weight load of glass (up to 10X), making it more resistant to damage caused by road debris and severe weathering.

Improve Driver Reaction Time

Keep you and your passengers safe by improving your visibility. Windshields protected with Nano Ceramic Glass Coating become extremely water-repellent, creating a surface that fends off the water immediately. In fact, University tests prove that it increases reaction time by a full second in rainy conditions. That means, if you are traveling at 40 miles per hour, you can save 58 feet.

Reduce Nighttime Glare

When left untreated, the microscopic pores of your windshield act like millions of tiny prisms, splitting and deflecting incoming light in different directions. This is what produces much of the nighttime glare you experience when driving. Nano Ceramic Glass Coating makes your windshield smoother, reducing that splitting and deflection; thus, decreasing night and daytime glare.



Keeps Glass Clean and Pristine

Nano Ceramic Glass Coating is an ultra-thin protective barrier that seals the surface of the glass transforming it into a high-performing surface for longer-lasting beauty and improved brilliance. It also prevents environmental pollutants from embedding themselves into the glass.

Remarkable Repellency

Whether in the harsh winter months or hot summer season, Nano Ceramic Glass Coating causes rain, snow, dirt, bugs, debris and anything else that can splatter on your windshield to easily repel off the glass, ensuring a safer, more pleasant driving experience.

UV Resistant and Optically Clear

Unlike other common-brand rain repellents that break down in the sunlight and need to be reapplied every few weeks, Nano Ceramic Glass Coating is 100% optically clear and UV stable (won’t break down when exposed to sunlight) so it lasts months, or even years, instead of weeks.


*Php 1,500 for 20 ML – Applicable for Windshields


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