DLS P20 Car Amplifier

Php 10,500.00
P20 is a small and powerful amplifier with a peak power output of 2 x 150 Watts. In 4 ohm mono bridge-connection, it puts out all of 200 Watts.
Product Description
  • Built-in low-pass filter for subwoofers, variable between 50 and 500 Hz.
  • The high-pass filter is also variable between 50 and 500 Hz.
  • Built-in protection circuits shut down the amplifier in the event of overloads.
  • High level input with AUTO-start function makes it easier to connect to factory installed head units.
  • Bass EQ function in two steps, +6dB or +12 dB.


 Number of channels 2
 Amplifier class AB
 Mono bridge mode 4 ohm 200 watt
 Output power in 2 ohm 2 x 100 watt
 Output power in 4 ohm 2 x 70 watt vid 0,1% THD
 Damping factor >80
 S/N ratio, A-weighted >95 dB
 Frequency range 10 Hz – 30 kHz
 Input sensitivity 0,25 – 5 Volt
 Input impedance 22 kohm
 Input impedance, high level 47 ohm
 High pass filter 50 – 500 Hz
 Low pass filter 59 – 500 Hz
 Grand bass filter Bass EQ +6dB / +12 dB @ 50 Hz
 Low level output No
 High level output with auto start Yes
 Power consumption (idle) 0,4 A
 Power consumption (max) 25 A
 Rec. power cable 16 sq mm (5 AWG)
Fuses 1 x 25 A
Dimension (W x D x H) 189 x 210 x 46 mm (744″ x 8,26″ x 1,81″)
 Weight 2 kg

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