Aeroklas Deck Cover Manual Lift Up

Php 46,000.00
Aeroklas Deck Cover Manual Lift up

The Deck Cover is made of double-layered ABS, the same material being used in the aircraft industry among others.

  • It is strong, durable, while it is extremely light (only weights 25 kg).
  • 100% recyclable, the production is also environmentally friendly.
  • It can be readily installed and removed without drilling the truck-body.
  • Due to its shape, the Deck Cover reduces the wind flow inside the truck, and it results in significant fuel-savings.
  • Available with black ABS surface, or spray-painted to the pickup’s color.
  • Made from Engineered polymer, the same material used in the aerospace industry.
  • Install with a clamp lock kit, no need to drill the truck box.
  • Strong with support metal structure.
  • Easy to remove and to re-install yourself (DIY).
  • Manual lift up with tough shock absorber.
  • 2 lock positions and able to lift the shell up to the horizontal level.
  • Small fitting kit and giving generous space.
  • Strong and secure lock to protect your belongings from the thief.


Toyota HiluxAeroklas Deck Cover Mlu Toyota Hilux
Nissan NavaraAeroklas Deck Cover Manual Lift Up For Nissan Navara
Mitsubishi TritonAeroklas Deck Cover Manual Lift 2
Mazda BTAeroklas Deck Cover Manual Lift 4
Isuzu D-MaxAeroklas Manual Deck Cover Isuzu Dmax 2
Ford RangerAeroklas Deck Cover Manual Lift Up For Ford Ranger

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Installation charge  Php 1,500.00 



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