Why Your Car Need a Window Tint and How to Choose the Best One

Car window tint not only makes your car look sharp but also has many additional benefits like protection from UV rays. So, if you are keen to know more about car window tint, this blog is just for you. Window tinting adds comfort and safety to your vehicle. They block the ultraviolet rays coming from the sun. These rays can cause upholstery to fade with time.

Even while driving, sun exposure cause harms to your skin. This can lead long terms effects like skin cancer. When you have a tinted window, it blocks the harmful rays and eliminates the sunburn, and prevents other harm.

Other than the protection from UV rays, the tinted windows prevent the heat from penetrating your vehicle. In case you live in an area with excessive heat, the window tint protects your vehicle from becoming unbearably hot during the day.

Depending upon the laws in your area, you can choose the darkness of the tints. It increases privacy by making it difficult for people passing by your car to see inside your car. Apart from the aforesaid benefits, a well-installed tint gives your car an elegant look.

Top tips to choose the most suitable window tint

The climate where you live

When you contact any window film installer, the first question they ask is where you live. Most of the window tints are designed for aesthetic improvements with the protection of UV rays (UVA and UVB) which can cause issues like skin cancer and damage to the interiors of the vehicle.

If you live in a hotter climate, it’s crucial to consider car window tinting that can block the harmful infrared rays (IR) and provide protection. It provides huge benefits especially when you apply it on the windshield and front side windows.

If your car has privacy glass

If you have a newer car, this means it’s quite possible that rear windows already have tinted windows. This means it has a factory tint or installed privacy glass but not a protective film. Privacy glass is an automotive window that comes with a dark pigment added in the manufacturing process. As the name suggests, it is mainly added to improve the privacy factor. However, the privacy glass doesn’t provide any protection against UV or IR Blocking. So, if you want protection from UVA and UVB then you must consider a window tint that offers both of these qualities.

Know your options

While there are several windows tint options available in the market, there are mainly two which stand out.

  • Carbon color stable tint

This tint comes with a Nano carbon technology which helps provide added strength and shatter resistance. It also protects 99 percent of UV rays. Along with reducing skin damage, it protects the interior components like seats, dashboard, etc.

  • Ceramic IR window tint

Another type of window tint is ceramic tint. Other than blocking the UV rays, it reduces the 90 percent of infrared transmission. It is made using nano-ceramic particles connected within layers of the film.

Bottom Line

Picking the right window film that fits your needs, desires, and budget is time-consuming. However, connecting with the experts can help. Check out the best car accessories in Parañaque from the trusted online store and make a purchase now.


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