Never miss an evidence, Tape it with a Transcend Drive Pro 220 Dashcam

Cameras on the dashboard are becoming more popular with the drivers today. One of the reasons is this being a perfect way to collect evidence required by the insurance companies in case of any untoward happenings.

The Transcend Drive Pro 220 Dashcam comes with the complete HD imagining sensor for a clear 1080p recording of any incidents or events occurring during the drive. Be it the scenic road, or the near-miss accident that was the fault of a reckless driver, everything will be captured, including the number plate, to ensure you have the proof of it.

Other features include an option of charging the battery to the full, to run it without the car power. With a complete charge, the Transcend Drive Pro 220 Dashcam can run for nearly 30 minutes, as against the 30 seconds without the charge. Several other excellent features, such as the built-in GPS to record the time, date and place, the camera works as an excellent solution to tap everything that is happening around us. The 16 GB memory card stacks up each and every minute detail that can be of use, at a later date. And, one can always delete the stored data to make fresh recordings all over again.

Incidents are unpredictable and can occur anytime. Having a camera on the go can help recording the incident, along with the road conditions, the driver nameplate, and several other smaller aspects that come in handy while raising an insurance claim. The compact and trendy Drive Pro 220 Dashcam can make life easier all around, whether we are traveling to work on congested city roads or entering a highway on our way to a splendid holiday.

Since every second of the drive is recorded (whenever the camera detects a movement nearby, while driving), it can act as an evidence or a clue, to reckless driving, or a damage to the car.


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