High Quality Car Security Films and its Need

Contrary to popular belief, car windows can be easily broken. The front and rear windshields then to be tougher, but they are not immune to damage. Rising crime rates have made parked cars easy targets. Advanced security systems keep car thieves at bay, but not every miscreant is interested in stealing your car, but rather the valuables inside it. A brick or a stone can easily break a side window and give them access to any bags or removable accessories inside your car. Worse, some of them are bold enough to try this while the car may still be occupied. Aside from the loss of valuables, such attacks can also harm you or your passengers physically and emotionally.

Car security films can easily prevent such incidents. They are essentially a thick polymer film that prevents a window from shattering. Even a crowbar or baseball bat cannot break them down easily. They also have a number of other advantages.

  • Glare Reduction: Sudden changes in light can leave a driver blinded for several seconds. Even prolonged exposure to bright light like sunlight, direct or reflected impairs visibility too. At night, powerful beams from headlamps, especially LED or Xenon ones, may even cause eye damage. Tinted security films block out harsh light and reduce glare without hampering visibility. Modern tints do not cause the rainbow glow effect either. Dark tints can also block out peering eyes, adding privacy while looking stylish.
  • UV Protection: Some security films come with UV reflecting or absorbing coating. These can filter our UV radiation from sunlight and other sources. Extensive exposure to UV light is extremely harmful for the skin and a known cause of several skin diseases including skin cancer.
  • Heat Shielding: Security films with heat reflecting properties can mean comfortable driving on a hot day. Even if you need to park your car in direct sunlight, the insides do not warm up as much as they normally would. Like UV coatings, the heat reflecting property comes from an IR (Infra-Red) reflective coating.
  • Increase Resale Value: A car that has security films installed has an inherent high value. They command a higher resale price, giving you higher returns when you decide to sell or upgrade your car.
  • Dust and Scratch Proofing: Security films also provide protection from dust and other debris. It also prevents scratches, whether accidental or deliberate.


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